Firefly Craft Success Stories: Passion, Creativity, and Loyalty

Firefly Craft Success Stories: Passion, Creativity, and Loyalty

Success comes in many forms, and each of us views it differently.

Success can be a hefty profit in business, an achievement - whether in school or at work, overcoming an obstacle, landing that dream job, buying a new house or vehicle, or simply learning to perfect a new recipe. No matter how large or small, each of us have our own success stories to tell.

Sadly, most of the time, we are too busy trying to reach a higher goal, which prevents us from recognizing the tiny victories that we have already achieved.

Below are a few stories that we consider as small victories, but are worth sharing.

Dream jobs are hard to come by. Most of the time, you just have to live through your eight-hour shift per day, and get as much rest as you can - before doing the exact same thing again the following day.

However, ever since I started working for Firefly Craft, all that has changed. Not only is the work environment very healthy for employees, the bosses are the most wonderful people I can think of. They are very caring, not only for their employees, but most especially, their customers.

Working for Firefly Craft not only improved my life and that of my family, it allowed me to grow as a person. There may be a lot of work to do everyday, but it's enjoyable, and it doesn't feel like work anymore.

The entire Firefly Craft team is made up of wonderful people who care about each other, who help each other become better. Firefly Craft is not just a business - it's a Family.

~ Jennifer, Firefly Craft Employee

I have been married for more than 5 years now. I work as a literacy coach, and I love my job! My husband and I are building our dream home in Arizona, and I'm looking forward to moving in soon. I use Firefly Craft roller bottles for my homemade perfume blends, and my husband and I love how the different colors allow us to identify the contents of each bottle. Being a social person, you'll find me with a group of people 90% of the time - and the DIY perfumes I make at home really comes in handy, they keep me smelling good all the time. I enjoy the company of people, and having a few good laughs. I find Arizona to be the most amazing place to live! Where else can you claim that below 60 degrees is pure torture, and still go scorpion hunting every night!?

~ Brittany, Educator & Firefly Craft Customer

I've been using store-bought hair, skin and body care products with popular brand names - but, lately, I've grown concerned about some of the ingredients used in them - which prompted me to try out making my own homemade blends. I found Firefly Craft Plastic Spray Bottles online, and I thought I'd give them a try. The bottles came in exactly as advertised, and I'm glad that I started using Firefly Craft products! Thanks to the feedback from a fellow customer, I knew that these bottles will work exactly for what I needed them for. I love how deep the color is, and the plastic material of the bottles make it easy for me to handle, since I'm too clumsy to use glass bottles in my new bathroom. Thank you, Firefly Craft!

~ Vicki, Homemaker & Firefly Craft Customer

I hope that the stories above would also help motivate and encourage you to keep going, no matter how difficult it may seem. Remember, it's the small successes that actually make us realize that giving up is not an option.

So, what tiny victory have you achieved recently?

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