Firefly Craft Success Stories: Trust, Loyalty, and Family

Firefly Craft Success Stories: Trust, Loyalty, and Family

Success often comes to those who wait. If it’s not your time, don’t lose hope! Have patience. Give yourself time to grow. You will shine the brightest when it’s your time to shine!

Below are some of the success stories from our dearest and loyal employees and customers.



“Dream jobs are hard to come by. Most of the time, you just have to live through your eight-hour shift per day, and get as much rest as you can - before doing the exact same thing again the following day.

However, ever since I started working for Firefly Craft, all that has changed. Not only is the work environment very healthy for employees, the bosses are the most wonderful people I can think of. They are very caring, not only for their employees, but most especially, their customers.

Working for Firefly Craft not only improved my life and that of my family, it allowed me to grow as a person. There may be a lot of work to do everyday, but it's enjoyable, and it doesn't feel like work anymore.

The entire Firefly Craft team is made up of wonderful people who care about each other, who help each other become better. Firefly Craft is not just a business - it's a Family.” 

~ Jennifer, Firefly Craft Employee


* * * * *


“What a great find! I love these labels. I used them for repurposed wine bottles filled with flavored waters and sauces for a Mongolian BBQ party and they were a big hit. I use them now for labeling leftover sauces in glass jars in the frig.” 

~ Tina, Housewife & Firefly Craft Customer


* * * * *


“For Firefly Craft Chalkboard Labels - What a CUTE and practical addition to a large holiday open house I had just this past Friday -- over 50 women, a LulaRoe sale and friend selling gorgeous jewelry. People were shopping, visiting, and going through almost a case of WINE! Perfect solution to little "orphan" wine cups everywhere, they were nice and sticky - easy to write on, and did not smear. Good price, quick shipping. Love them!”

~ Squirrel Circus, Businesswoman & Firefly Craft Customer


“Love these bottles. I am a professional cleaner and these are perfect for my homemade cleaning solutions. I use essential oils in these solutions so the bottles are perfect to retain the integrity of the oils. I did have one of the spray nozzles to stop pumping which was a slight disappointment. With that being said, by far they are my favorite spray bottles I have used in my 8 years of trying every bottle I could find.” 

~ Beffietorb, Professional Cleaner & Firefly Craft Customer




I hope that these stories have inspired you in some way. Others may consider these as small victories, but for us, your Firefly Craft family, even the smallest success is music to our ears, so we’d love to hear more!

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