How To Size and Place HTV Designs Like A Pro


There’s nothing more frustrating than to see that your HTV project was not a success. It could either be the design was too big or too small and it was not properly placed. Hey! Terrible things can happen during the HTV application process so keep calm and try again!

While it is true that some HTV fails are inevitable, this does not mean that there is no way around it. All problems have a solution. You just have to find a way to go about how to solve it.

And when it comes to HTV, you just need to consider these few simple tips:

Placing Design Tips

Tip #1 For round neck shirts, place design 3 inches below the neckline

Tip #2 For v-neck shirts, place design 2 inches below the neckline.

Tip #3 When adding a pocket, place it 7 inches below shoulder centered between placket and sleeve.

Placing designs can be tricky. But once you practice a bit, your DIY project will look like it's been created by a professional.

And because size does matter, considers these additional sizing tips:

Sizing Design Tips

Tip #1 For pockets, it should be 4”x4”.

Tip #2 For caps, HTV design should be 4.75”x2.75”.

Tip #3 For tee front, it should be 10”x12”.

Tip #4 For baby clothes or onesies, it should only be 4.5”x4.5”.

Tip #5 For youth tees, it should be 7”x7”.

Tip #6 For men’s tees, it should be 11”x14”.

Tip #7 For women’s tees, it should be 10”x12”.

The size of any HTV design is very important. I highly recommend that you make sure that you have the right size already before cutting the HTV sheet. This will save you a lot of time and money. Always have a ruler handy.


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