Can't Decide on Which HTV to Get?


We at Firefly Craft have variations of HTV that you may enjoy adding to your upcoming projects. Whether you are a beginning HTV crafter or very experienced, this email is the perfect way for you to try something new. 


Below is a list of our different types of HTV. Click on the buttons below if you want to see the different types and what makes them special and different from the others. 


  1. Regular HTV
    We usually recommend this to beginners who want to try HTV for the first time. It has many beautiful colors to choose from.
    Regular HTV is also awesome when doing a layered design.

  2. Elastic Foil HTV
    Our Elastic Foil HTV is perfect for stretchy fabrics like swimwear and outdoor wear, in addition to all the same fabrics as regular HTV. Elastic Foil HTV is metallic and very flexible.

  3. Patterned HTV
    Our Patterned HTV is semi-matte, flexible, and durable. It is easy to cut and weed. Choose from exciting patterns such as rainbow, camouflage, pink ribbon, and a lot more.

  4. 3D HTV
    The 3D HTV is much thicker than our Regular HTV. Its thickness gives a 3D look. It is best for simple designs that you want to stand out.
    Despite the thickness of this 3D HTV, it is still flexible and durable.

  5. Opal or Iridescent HTV
    An Iridescent or Opal HTV is magical! Depending on the angle you view it from, it changes colors. It has a mirror-like finish.

  6. Glitter HTV
    The Firefly Craft Glitter HTV have actual glitter flakes. This creates a sparkling effect, and it shines beautifully in lots of colors.

  7. Reflective HTV
    Reflective HTV reflects light, especially in low light situations. It is great for athletes and workers looking for greater visibility.
    This HTV is available in different colors and can be used on your safety garments or uniforms.

  8. Flocked HTV
    Flock HTV has a soft velvet feel on it. It also provides a slightly 3D look with the texture of soft suede.

  9. Foam HTV
    Foam HTV expands on itself when heat and pressed and creates a puffy look. It adds texture and fun to your project.

  10. Fluorescent or Neon HTV
    Firefly Craft's Fluorescent or Neon HTV is also easy to cut and weed. These bright and playful colors will definitely get your project noticed.

  11. Glow in the Dark HTV
    Our Glow in the Dark HTV gives a gentle glow effect when the light is off. This is perfect for your Halloween costumes and uniforms!















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