heat transfer vinyl, htv, placement sheet

Where to Place your HTV Design?


One of the top questions we have when working with HTV is where to place your design on a shirt?

Maybe you are wondering where the right placement for a pocket logo is? How many inches away from the neckline? Is my design too high? Or too low? Knowing a shirt's size is essential to knowing what size of design to create.

We have here different measurements depending on the size of a shirt you are working on.



Decal sizes are measuring the width of the design, not its height.
Back placement is 4" below the neckline for adults and 2.5" below for the youth.
Trendy teens may like larger decals, may add 1.5".



If you are having difficulty finding the center of your blank, fold it in the middle lengthwise. You can press it with an iron to create a mark.


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