Learn How to Layer HTV the Firefly Craft Way!

Every HTV user knows that layering requires a lot of preparation and patience.

One cannot just walk into HTV layering that easy. You need a lot of experience and skills to do things perfectly! To do this, you have to know the secrets of how to layer HTV like a PRO!

With that said, I’ve created a handy guide only for YOU. This will help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted in your following HTV layering projects.

Always Do Short Presses

When layering HTV, you should always do short presses with your flat iron or heat press. Press on the first design layer for three seconds. Next, add another layer and repeat until all layers have adhered. This prevents the vinyl from sticking to your iron or causing burn marks.

Always Use a Cover Sheet When Layering

When applying heat and pressure to many HTV cuts, you should always use a cover sheet. Direct heat from an iron can melt the carrier sheet. This will be a total disaster because you will end up ruining your iron and your project.

Use a cover sheet to protect the vinyl from direct heat and distribute the heat evenly.



Cut Designs with Layering in Mind

Now, what do I mean by this? This one is pretty simple. Make use of your HTV to the fullest by utilizing every space in your HTV sheet when creating your cut design.

Glitter HTV is Always Last

Here’s some more practical advice: Always put glitter HTV on top of the stack. The glittered texture adds effect to the design, but it can be a waste by overlapping it with a non-glitter layer. Also, adhering problems may occur when overlapped by other vinyl because of the glittered texture.

Hopefully, these tips will help you layer HTV on any garment like a PRO. If you are interested in other cut designs, click the images below and download your free cut design today.

Mermaid Cut Designs

Families are Forever Cut Designs

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